Game Consoles

Most gaming and entertainment devices, such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstaion 3, Apple TV, ROKU and other devices can connect to the residence hall network.  Students in all residence halls (except Allerton) will connect their device wirelessly to the "Gaming" network.  View the instructions below for more information.

Connection Instructions

Please view these instructions for connecting your game console, entertainment device or VOIP phone to the internet.

Nintendo Wii users:  Nintendo Wii is not currently supported on the wireless "Gaming" network.  Please request a wired port to connect your console.  You'll also need to purchase a Wii LAN Adapter.


Game Console Troubleshooting

Please note that only students in Allerton Apartments have access to wired (Ethernet) connections by default.  If your device is not capable of connecting to the wireless network, please view these instructions.

Ensure your device is set to obtain an IP address automatically through DHCP,obtain DNS automatically through DHCP, and make sure that PPPoE is disabled. These settings should be the default on all consoles.

For more detailed information in connecting your game console, see the manufacturer's instruction page.