Department Internship Contacts

Department internship contacts serve as resources for students seeking internships and can answer questions regarding receiving academic credit for the experience.  While all internships are posted on the Experience Job & Internship Board, Career Services may forward opportunities to these individuals for promotion to students.

College of Architecture & Environmental Design Contact
 Architecture  Jonathan Fleming
 Interior Design  Pamela Evans
College of the Arts Contact
 Art  Christine Havice 
 Dance  Andrea Shearer
 Fashion Design  Hillary Stone
 Fashion Merchandising  Hillary Stone
 Music  Dana Brown
 Theatre  Eric Van Baars
College of Arts and Sciences Contact
 Anthropology  Richard Meindl
 Biological Sciences  Gail Kovach-Spalsbury
 Biotechnology  Doug Kline 
 Chemistry  Michael Tubergen
 Computer Science  Austin Melton
 English  Sara Cutting 
 Geography  Jennifer Mapes
 Geology  Joseph Ortiz
 History  John Jameson
 Justice Studies  David Kessler
 Mathematical Sciences  Dmitry Ryabogin
 Modern & Classical Language Studies  Jessie Carduner
 Pan African Studies  Fran Dorsey
 Paralegal Studies  Amanda Paar Conroy
 Philosophy  Gina Zavota
 David Odell-Scott
 Physics  Mark Manley
 Political Science  Andrew Barnes 
 Political Science-Columbus Program  Vernon Sykes
 Political Science-Washington Program  Richard Robyn
 Psychology  Laura Hilliker
 Sociology  Timothy Owens
 Women's Studies  Suzanne Holt
College of Business Administration Contact
 Accounting  John Rose
 Computer Information Systems  Alan Brandyberry
 Economics  Richard Kent
 Entrepreneurship  Julie Messing
 Finance  David Dumpe
 Management and Operations Management  Jim Smas
 Marketing and Managerial Marketing   Pamela Grimm
 College of Business Majors  Michael Morley
College of Communication and Information Contact
 Communication Studies  Rozell Duncan
 Information Architecture & Knowledge Mgmt  Janna Korzenko
 Library and Information Science  Rhonda Filipan
 Journalism and Mass Communication  John Butte
 Visual Communication Design  Aimee Crane
School of Digital Sciences Contact
Digital Sciences - All Concentrations Robert Walker
College of Education, Health, & Human Services Contact
 Case Management Program

 Dale Curry 
 Kathy Bergh 
 Educational Studies  Laura Buckeye
 Recreation, Park & Tourism Management  Philip Wang
 Mary Ann Devine 
 Mary Parr
 Gerontology  Kathy Bergh
 Health Education and Promotion  Laura Buckeye
 Hospitality Management  Robin Heiman 
 Edward Hoegler 
 Swathi Ravichandran
 Human Development & Family Studies  Kathy Bergh
Integrated Health Studies Heather Adams
 Non-Profit Human Services  Kathy Bergh
 Nancy Burzminski
 Speech Pathology & Audiology  Shelly Francis 
 Susan Grogan-Johnson
College of Nursing Contact
 Nursing  Tracey Motter 
College of Public Health Contact
 All Programs  Thomas Brewer
College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology Contact
Internships for All Majors Jackie Ruller
 Technology (All majors)  Michael Dragomier
 Technology (Third Frontier Internships)  Tom Southards
Regionals Contact
 Accounting Technology (Tuscarawas) Faculty Advisor
 Business Management (Stark)  Victor Berardi
 Business Management Technology (Columbiana)  Edward Villella
 Business Management Technologies (Trumbull)  John Marino
 Business Management Technologies (Tuscarawas)  Edward Newman
 Computer Technology (Ashtabula)  Irene Edge
 Computer Technology (Trumbull)  Anthony Zampino 
 Computer Technology (Tuscarawas)  Susan Hoffman
 History (Stark)  Leslie Heaphy
 Horticulture Technology (Salem)  Stanley Jones
 Hospitality Management (Ashtabula)  Scot Tribuzi
 Human Service Technology (Ashtabula)  Carol A. Murray
 Information Tech for Admin Prof (Tuscarawas)  Faculty Advisor
 Justice Studies (Stark and Tuscarawas)  Peter Kratcoski
 Justice & Women's Studies (Trumbull)  Mary Wilson